About Me

After getting out of the rat race and starting my own beauty business in 2008 I realised that I enjoyed making women feel good about themselves, so in 2012, I decided to go into the world of permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing).

In the last five years, I have put myself through many training courses in this field to learn new techniques and to improve my skill levels. During this time, I have built an excellent reputation for doing skilled work and providing good customer service.

I have watched on many occasions the effect cosmetic tattooing has on a person's confidence and self-esteem, and because of this, I decided to train in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

I chose the best Scalp Micro Pigmentation trainers I could find because I wanted to go where the trainers carry out this treatment daily, so after much research. I decided to go to The Brandwood Clinic in Solihull for an intensive course in SMP.

My five years' background in cosmetic tattooing has given me an excellent grounding to be able to move into this new field.

Since I have been working with men, I have been able to see that this isn't a treatment that makes their life more comfortable, but instead, it's a real-life changer.

Men that have in the past been so worried and concerned by premature balding, it has affected the whole way they feel about themselves and by having this treatment done. The difference it has made to not only the way they look but their whole attitude to how they view themselves is incredible. There is no more delightful feeling than being able to do this for someone!

About my Qualifications

Qualifications obtained in 2010,

  • City & Guilds level 4 qualification in Preparing to Teach in the life long Learning Sector.
  • Diploma in Eyelash Extensions
  • Diploma in Threading
  • Diploma in Facials

Qualifications obtained in 2011

  • Advanced technology in Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions
  • Master LashTechnician

Qualifications obtained in 2012

  • Eyebrow Definition level 2
  • Diploma in Semi-Permanent Makeup
  • Diploma in Correction and Removal
  • Diploma in Rejuvi Tattoo removal
  • Brow workshop
  • Meso cell boost concept workshop
  • Lips workshop
  • Eyeliner workshop
  • Laser/IPL core of knowledge

Qualifications obtained in 2013

  • Certificate of completion in practical & theory for IPL treatments
  • Certificate in Microdermabrasion
  • Certificate in LED treatments
  • Diploma in Microdermabrasion systems
  • Certificate in body contouring and skin tightening
  • Colour theory workshop

Qualifications obtained in 2014

  • Geneo+ facial treatments
  • Microblading

Qualifications obtained in 2015

  • VTCT level 2 in Facial Skincare
  • VTCT level 3 in electrical facials
  • Certificate for Accurett treatments
  • Certificate of accomplishment conversion course with Goldeneye

Qualifications obtained in 2016

  • Shades & Strokesfor Hair stroke, Powder and colour theory
  • Certificate for master techniques in Powder and Ombré brows

Qualifications obtained in 2017

  • Accredited training in Introduction to Scalp Micro Pigmentation

I love messing about with paint and creating abstract paintings - during the second lockdown my friend and I opened up an online “arty” business selling original one off pieces of art and beautiful resin items. You can find us on www.thecraftyartroom.co.uk.