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About Me

In 2005 I left the Civil Service to sell makeup and skincare! – I went on to open up my own beauty business, initially offering eyelash extensions and I realised that I enjoyed making women feel good about themselves, so in 2012, I decided to go into the world of permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing).

Ever since then, I have continued to develop my skills by doing many training courses with well-respected trainers and technicians & during this time, I have built an excellent reputation for doing skilled work and providing good customer service.

I specialise in offering cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows and hair loss for both men and women and I love it!

There is no doubt about the effect cosmetic tattooing has on a person's confidence and self-esteem, and because of this, I decided to train in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) – I wanted to help restore confidence for people who had lost or were losing their hair.

I chose the best Scalp Micro Pigmentation trainers I could find because I wanted to go where the trainers carry out this treatment daily, so after much research. I decided to go to The Brandwood Clinic in Solihull for an intensive course in SMP.

My years background in cosmetic tattooing gave me an excellent grounding to be able to move into this new field.

Since I have been working with people suffering from hair loss, I have been able to see that this isn't a treatment that makes your life more comfortable, but instead, it's a real-life changer and that is massive!

Are you worried or concerned by premature balding or thinning hair?

Does it affect your confidence? Your self esteem? – is your hair loss on your mind all the time? Let me take all that away from you, I can (in most cases) work with thinning hair or balding and make you feel really good about yourself. No more worrying about not being able to go swimming with the kids, or playing football or in fact anything that makes you worry about your lack of hair!, and best of all it can be your secret, because it is so realistic that no one needs to know if you don’t want them to! The difference I can make for you visually and mentally is incredible! There is nothing better than being able to do this for someone – it’s a real passion for me.

My Qualifications