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Sue Winter Clinic - Customer Reviews

If you have had a treatment with me and would like to do a review, please, review us here.

I am very pleased with my SMP results. My hair looks full where it was sparse and thinning. Sue was amazing, both in terms of experience and professionalism.
I had my final session with Sue today for my scalp pigmentation tattoo, I am delighted with the result, no more dreaded baldness when I look in the mirror, she has done a great job and I would not hesitate to recommend her work.
Very conscientious and professional. I'm very happy with the results and would recommend to anyone who has accepted that they need to shave their remaining hair, to get this done!
Sue is amazing. I am very happy with the results. I would recommend anyone looking for SMP procedure to go to Sue.
Such an amazingly talented lady. As someone who suffers from anxiety, words can't describe how Sue has changed my life in such a positive way. I just can't recommend Sue highly enough (",)
Prior to visiting Sue for a consultation I had done a lot of research into SMP and how it worked, all my concerns and questions were answered by Sue with the consultation appointment and I felt at ease.
My treatment was split over three appointments and I am very happy with the end result after feeling self conscious about my hairline. I would highly recommend.
Carl Jolley
I am so happy with this treatment! I no longer feel conscious of my scalp showing, in fact I didn’t even think about it at all during a recent holiday. It has made a big difference to my confidence. Sue was professional throughout and took her time to explain every aspect. Plus I really enjoyed our chats during the treatment :)
Very pleased with my treatment. Sue is lovely, professional and I felt completely comfortable in her care. My hair looks so much thicker now and I couldn't be happier.
Don't hesitate to get this treatment done! I was a little anxious before my first sitting but it has been the best move I've ever done. Sue is amazing and all you could want in someone who is doing this work on you. I have a full hairline back and it looks amazing so real you literally can't tell the difference! Only positive reviews I've had. So much so even my friends have booked with her. This will change your life! Go for it.
Thanks sue!
I wish I had done this earlier. My main worry was whether the procedure would look natural but having finished the final session it completely does and I’m glad I found Sue . My initial thought was to not cut corners and go to a large firm but after being recommended Sue and going through the initial consultation with her I’m so glad I made the right choice to go with her . I feel like I got the best trained person for 50% of the price . Unfortunately my sessions were interrupted due to COVID restrictions and the national lockdown but it was really easy to rearrange sessions and Sue made this as pain free as possible. If you were like me earlier and are considering who to go with then my advice is to go with Sue . I feel a lot more confident and more like me again . Thank you Sue :O).
I have had SMP a few times before from a very well known company (who provides SMP) in Birmingham and it wasn't very long before the whole thing faded out of sight completely.

I was ready to give up on going down the avenue of SMP completely, but I wanted to see if there was a local person who provided the service and stumbled across Sue Winter.

From start to finish the Sue has gone far beyond my expectations. She explained everything very well and would even text me in-between treatments to check on any fading which really demonstrates her passion for the job.

Alot of the time going down this route of treatment can be a little bit intimidating and discretion is important for men but, I speak from experience in commenting that Sue is extremely understanding and knowledgeable about her specific field and her honestly and professionalism shines through constantly.

Having also previously had the treatment done else where and done alot of research Sue Winter is also the most affordable and with the added guarantee of a year she should be your first port of call for SMP.
Wasp 39
Today I finished my last session with sue and I am more than pleased with the whole operation, from correspondence, first meeting and throughout the 3 follow up sessions. Highly professional with advice and recommendations given, before and aftercare reading materials, the cleanliness of her studio and everything was just done at such ease. My friends, family and especially my girlfriend cannot stop commenting on my new look :) definitely worth every penny i spend with the result I got, wish I can post a picture of before and after, but I guess Sue will soon. Highly recommended for a total transformation, happy client A+++ Thank you very much Sue Winter
I was very sceptical about having my brows done, but after i seen my friends from work and how good they looked(i thought they looked amazing) i couldn't help but ask were she had them done. She recommended Sue to me and i quickly got in touch. On the 1st oppionment Sue mannaged to fit me in rather quickly and at a time that suited me. Ive just had my second eyebrow oppointment with Sue and im so pleased with the results, Sue is very professional and such a lovely lady.

She is very accurate and won't stop until your completely satisfied with the results.
I would highly recommend her if your like me and wouldn't know were to look.

Sadie Earwaker
A friend of mine recommended Sue to me and I couldn't have been happier to use Sue, she was so welcoming at the consultation and answered all my questions and queries. On the day of my tattoo she made me feel so relaxed, calm and at ease. I would highly recommend sue to any of my friends and family.
Thanks sue!!
Sue carried out my SMP treatment and I have to say, what an absolutely amazing job she did. Her service from start to finish was highly professional and the final outcome was better then anything I had seen online from the research I did.

Sue left me with a natural looking hairline that nobody has questioned. I made suggestions at the start of the first session about how I wanted my hairline to look. Sue used her experience and knowledge persuade me to go with something slightly different and I'm glad she did.

I can't recommend her highly enough. If you are balding and are looking to restore your hairline, they don't come any better then Sue.
Ollie Bessell
A friend of mine recommended Sue to me and I couldn't have been happier to use Sue, she was so welcoming at the consultation and answered all my questions and queries. On the day of my tattoo she made me feel so relaxed, calm and at ease. I would highly recommend sue to any of my friends and family.
Thanks sue!!
I've been going to Sue for 5 years after Karen Betts done my eyebrows. I found Sue more personable and the results were so much better, and cheaper!!! I travel from Derby to Milton Keynes as I wouldn't go anywhere else. Sue makes you feel comfortable and is incredible at what she does.
Debbie Winstanley
Amazing work from Sue with my SMP
So happy with the results of my smp treatment with the fantastic sue! So professional and I couldn't be happier! I've spent many years worrying about losing my hair and after looking at different procedures I decided this was the best one for me. I had the 3 treatments, each time the look got better! The feelings and emotions I used to feel about going bald weren't very nice so it's brilliant to feel confident and good about myself again! Sues advice was priceless and the way she goes about her work is second to none! If any men out there are worried about their hair loss I would definitely recommend booking in for a consultation, you won't be disappointed, it's life changing
Jim , Northants
Very impressed with Sue's service. The result is fantastic.
Can't thank her enough I would highly recommend her.
Mark Lidgett
I could not be happier with the result just finished my third sitting I showed one of my oldest freinds my new hair line and he has booked straight in . Sue is professional and made me feel very relaxed every step of the way, you can see the results after the first session and it gets better every sitting. You can not put a price on happiness.
Amazing has changed my life .. couldn't recommend enough thanks sue...
Robert O’Brien - Watford
I've just finished my 3 sessions, and you can't tell that it isn't real hair even people who know I have had it done can't tell.
it looks just the same as somebody with a full head of hair but shaven.
Sue is nice to deal with and will give advice, but will listen to you to find out what you want.
Thanks Sue
Wayne Cley
I initially had my SMP treatment completed by HisHairClinic about 8years ago and came across Sue when searching for a clinic that could freshen up the pigmentation.

I was a bit apprehensive at first with Sue’s clinic being fairly new compared to some of the big names in this field, but after noticing that she had trained with one of the leading smp practitioners, decided to go in for a consultation.

Sue was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable throughout the process which definitely put my mind at ease and made me feel confident with going ahead with the treatment.

After completing the treatment, all I can say is that I'm amazed by her work, the amount of detail, her work rate and efficiency is second to none.

I would highly recommend Sue
Shaun M - Milton Keynes
3 weeks ago
I came across sue on Facebook and booked a consultation with her. I was a bit concerned by her price range as it was cheaper then others I had inquired with. She showed me her portfolio of work and I was amazed. I gave her the go ahead and had all 3 sessions done.She is a wonderful lady and her work speaks for itself, she has given me the confidence not to wear a hat which I have been wearing for 10 years due to being bold. If you a sceptical or in doubt. Give her a call and book your free consultation.

Thank you sue
Mr Mr
I came to see Sue for a touch on a SMP treatment I had previously had. Amazed with the results and how professional she was.
Also if anyone would like to see my SMP for their personal research then I would happily show you. I work at G & G barbershop in Bletchley. Sue........ your a star
Will Devey - Milton Keynes
Just finished my last session of SMP with Sue and couldn’t be happier with the results! Sue is a lovely lady and very professional would highly recommend. Thank you so much Sue
Simon Baker
I finished my 3rd session of SMP a few weeks ago and really pleased with results. Having started loosing my hair in my 30’s, it was in my 50’s when I eventually found out about “scalp Micro Pigmentation” when something popped up on YouTube as it does! A bit of research and I took the plunge with Sue mainly because if her positive reviews and her practice wasn’t too far away. Just to say it couldn’t have gone any better and after the 3rd session it has really blended in with what hair I had left. Having got the ink colour just right the only slight discomfort was the needle, but for the finished result is certainly worth it. Feeling much more confident about myself and friends haven’t even noticed as one commented when I told him”I thought you had just had a really close cut”. I have kept a more natural receding look for someone of my age which is far better than the previous bald head with hair round the sides and back look. I find it looks better the shorter you cut your hair and I use baldy clippers and a Remington electric shaver once every 3 days which is a bit more time consuming than my previous once a week haircut but well worth the effort. All I can say is that if you are thinking of having this procedure done I would encourage you to give Sue a call just like I did.
Garry Malloy - Milton Keynes
I can't believe how many people have said how good my head looks since completing my treatment with Sue Winter, Even more surprising is how many people, haven't said a word even though I have worked with them for 30 years. I was convinced Sue was the best to undertake my treatment after visiting bigger companies who I found were far to corporate and less personal. Sue has bags of integrity and that's what I look for in anyone I ever do business with. I can't recommend Sue Winter High enough and her prices are 50% lower then other companies I looked into.
3rd and final session of SMP completed with Sue.. in my mid 30’s and never liking my hair line for over 18years I came across sues Facebook page and was curious.. drop her a message and sorted out consoltation and felt very confident with what she was offering. Sue explained the procedure clearly and answered all questions and concerns I had. Very professional and talented lady...would recommend Sue to anyone..very approachable and great to work with. Thanks
Matt Knowlton - Northampton

Review received for SMP in Northampton

Just finished my last SMP session and feeling very confident about my looks. Thank you very much Sue. I think everyone with bald patches should go for SMP with Sue
Nagi Bhullar Luton
I found Sues page on Facebook for SMP and immediately knew it was for me. After the initial consultation I was impressed with the before and after pictures and how professional Sue was and was keen to begin the process. After the first session I was really impressed with the difference, it isn't painful but more uncomfortable than anything. I was excited to finish off the procedure and am over the moon with the finished look, I wanted a natural finish and I couldn't be happier, thanks Sue for your help and reassuring advice throughout the treatment. If you are thinking about this procedure I would 100% recommend her and say don't delay go ahead it really is an amazing treatment.
I’ve recently had my SMP done with the lovely Sue, amazing job, I’m really happy with the new me, if you feel your confidence is low and you want it back give Sue a call and she’ll bring you back to life, the service was excellent. It really does make you feel and look young again.
Thanks again Sue
Richard Wheatley - Coventry
Just finished my third and last SMP session with Sue. It was a pleasure from start to finish. She made me feel at ease throughout and made sure I achieved the exact look I was hoping for. I was very nervous at first but it soon became apparent Sue was a true professional. Would not hesitate to recommend! Very chuffed!
Alan D Milton Keynes

Review received for SMP in Milton Keynes

Just finished my third and last SMP session with Sue. It was a pleasure from start to finish. She made me feel at ease throughout and made sure I achieved the exact look I was hoping for. I was very nervous at first but it soon became apparent Sue was a true professional. Would not hesitate to recommend! Very chuffed!
Alan D
Sue is fantastic, very professional, knowledgeable and amiable. I recently finished my final SMP session and I am over the moon with the results. I would definitely recommend Sue, the whole experience has been brilliant.
Jason Phillips
I had 3 sessions of Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) in July this year. I was always very conscious of my bald patch at the back of my head. I hated seeing photo's which showed it. I tried growing my hair longer to try and cover it up but finally just shaved it all off. Even after shaving my hair off my confidence was low as you could still clearly see that I had a bald patch. I had never heard of SMP until my wife took some pictures to send to Sue. I was sceptical to begin with but after a very informative consultation with Sue I decided to take the plunge and have the back of my head done. Sue is very professional and the procedure was uncomfortable but not painful. I was amazed at the results after the 1st session. Sue even managed to cover up a scar I have had since I was 7 years old. 2 sessions later and 5 months down the line I can say that it has really boosted my confidence. What has amazed me is that no-one has ever asked what happened to my bald patch. It has got to the stage where I am very proudly showing off my "HAIR" and people are amazed that it is a tattoo. They have to look really close to notice. Book a consultation with Sue and you will not regret it. Worth every penny! Thanks Sue xxx
Kieran Perry
Just finished my last hair treatment with Sue, I got 10 times what I thought I would end up with, amazing service above and beyond, I had a full scalp treatment, the transformation is unbelievable, so much so I have thrown all my hats away!!! Feel like a new man many thanks Sue you have been brilliant all the way through beginning to end, changed my life perfect job my confidence has gone through the roof, many thanks Carl
Carl Kinsella - Coventry

Review received for SMP in Coventry

I have just finished my last SMP session with Sue, I recommend this procedure to you guys out there who want to get rid of there bold and feel good. After my assessment, and how my head was going to look I wanted to go for it, now all 3 sessions are done I'm glad i went ahead to doing this, sue has done a great job
I recommend Sue to you guys out there so if your interested get in touch with sue winter.
I also like to thank Anthony Bell who recommended Sue to me, thanks.
Shakeel Skeech Ali - Aylesbury
I have recently had a treatment with Sue. Now it is complete I couldn't be happier.
Sue is so professional and goes the extra mile to make sure you are totally happy before and after.
I would advise the treatment to anyone with hair loss issues.
Sue is the main reason I went ahead because of how comfortable she made me feel.
I would recommend her all the way.
Robert Springer - Aylesbury
I have just had my final SMP treatment with the amazing sue . She was amazing from the start right through to the last treatment . Putting my mind at ease on the consultation explaining everything I needed to know . I'm so happy with the final result and would recommend it to anyone that has looked into having it done . Thanks sue �.
Kevin Breeze - Milton Keynes
OK so I have just had my final SMP hair session with the lovely Sue Winter, ive clippered it down and faded it and Sue has now put darker pigment tones in which will give a more balanced look to my naturel hair.
I cannot recommend this enough, a lot of men contacted me after my post a couple of weeks ago and if you are serious and would like to know more then feel free to contact me again.

Im really pleased I went through with it.. And I hope it's given lads I know the inspiration to maybe go for it too.. For whatever reason..

Appreciate all the positive comments and likes etc

Lastly thanks to Anthony Phillip Bell who after starting his own journey recommended and advised on how to start mine - thanks mate 👍

Thanks Paul 👍
Paul Saw Aylesbury
I just wanted to share a review I have just received with you ......

SMP - Scalp Micro Pigmentation

I have been looking forward to writing this review for Sue because I honestly couldn't be happier. If you are anything like me you would have spent years really conscious and aware of the hair loss.

This treatment has seriously changed my life. I no longer cut my forehead out of photos, I no longer where hats, I am more confident in myself and with others. I know people say it but I am gutted I waited so many years to have it done.

As for Sue, well she welcomed me with a beautiful smile and instantly made me feel comfortable in her studio. Her places is always immaculate, clean and perfect surrounding for spending hours together. Spending so many sessions with sue I am happy to call her a friend and wish her all the success in this venture.

Sue you know I love you for what you have done for me, Thank you so so much.

I am here if anyone wants to know anything more than what Sue can tell you as I live with the end results. Please message Sue and she will put you in touch with me.
Anthony Phillip Bell Aylesbury
I was a bit nervous about the whole procedure, Sue immediately put me at ease. It's a procedure I had been thinking about for a while and after having my consultation I was immediately sold. With every session the progression was amazing. The treatment was pain free and the company was brilliant. I can honestly say I feel fantastic for having it done. Feel younger, look younger and I no longer feel insecure. Without hesitating guys GET IT DONE! Big thanks to Sue I am so impressed and overwhelmed with the work you have done 5*
Stephen Cull
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