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Scalp Micropigmentation For Women Northampton

Hormonal related hair loss is known to affect more women than men and pregnancy and the menopause are the main culprits for causing hair loss. If you have recently had a baby, you will probably have noticed your hair thinning out but it would normally go back to pre pregnancy hair within the following 6 months of giving birth. If it has been more than 6 months since you have had your baby and your hair hasn’t started to grow back again and this is a concern to you, then I maybe able to help.

Are you menopausal? Women also experience an increase in hair loss during the menopause, due to the reduced production of estrogen changes. You may notice that there is more hair in the brush every morning, or when you wash your hair, there is a lot more at the bottom of the shower - This is heartbreaking (see the video section for my experience of hair loss - I really do get it!

If this is you, I am sure you know that your hair loss is probably due to hormones and although it is quite natural, it can be really upsetting when it gets extreme and you start to notice your “parting” getting wider. You maybe worrying that it is getting really noticeable and more than likely it’s making you feel much older than you actually are. You will be really pleased to hear, that most of the time I can help. With scalp tattooing, I can “close” up the parting so that it is not so wide, yet it will still look natural. I can tattoo tiny dots in amongst your hair which permanently camouflages the amount of scalp that you have showing.

Another reason for losing hair is female pattern baldness also known as androgenetic alopecia. Although it is similar to male pattern baldness, the hair loss tends to be in a different pattern. Up to two thirds of women experience hair loss after the menopause.

Maybe you have started to use sprays or fibres to disguise the amount of your scalp that is on show? They are a good short term fix, but long term, these can cause issues to the hair follicles. Fibres and sprays are very effective to covering the ‘whiteness’ of the scalp but they are very messy, and when wet will ‘run’ or make a mess on your pillow.

Are you looking to find a solution to your hair loss that is not so messy as the sprays? Scalp tattooing is a permanent option that can help to hide the fact that your hair is thinning and even better, it enables you to just stop thinking about your hair loss every minute of every day. There are no give a ways on your pillowcase, nothing to stop you going in the pool on holiday- SMP does not run. With this treatment, I can make your hair look denser without damaging the rest of your hair follicles and with regards to the pain/discomfort, I have to say that women just take this in their stride (women definitely have a higher pain threshold then men!)

Once I have completed the treatment, your hair will look thicker and the scalp where the hair is thinning, will be a lot less noticeable. You will not feel the need to use the sprays in your hair and it will really boost your confidence again, in fact, most women tell me that once they have finished the treatment, they no longer worry about people noticing that their hair is thinning as they are no longer self conscious about it - that is life changing!.

It takes normally 2/3 sessions to complete your density treatment and each session can be from 1 to 4 hours long, depending on the amount of thinning you have – I will be able to confirm this when you have your consultation, click here to book a consultation.

During the consultation, I will be able to give you the cost, discuss your requirements and explain the payment options. I will also carry out a patch test which gives you an opportunity to see what it feels like. Not only am I patch testing you to ensure you don’t have a reaction (I have never known anyone to have one), but it enables me to choose the colour mix that I think will match the colour of your existing hair. I use a product called Alivio which is an organic pigment made up of carbon which I dilute to match your hair colour. It is a very safe and stable product that has excellent healed results.

Benefits of treatment

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You can contact me on 07931 104040 to discuss or click here to book a consultation.