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Smp Milton Keynes

Jump to PhotosI was in my 20’s and while I was blow drying my hair, I just noticed it was coming out (I used to love my hair, especially in the 80’s!). People started to comment that I was going thin on top, the hair loss started at the back of my head so I hadn’t noticed at first, so when I heard those comments I started to flip it back to cover the bald patch. The hardest thing was to shave it but the hair was less and less until I felt it was time to clean shave but I didn’t want the image of being a thug!

I had never heard of SMP and then one day my granddaughter drew loads of dots on my head with a felt tip and that was what made me wonder if it was possible to have dots tattooed on to my head and that was when I came across your FB page and saw you were offering the treatment. At first I thought it was real hair and was surprised it was a tattoo and thought that looks alright. I looked through the photos and then contacted you about a consultation & as soon as I met you, I made my mind up to have it done. You answered all of the things I had been thinking about and addressed my worries of it not looking natural – it was really important to me that I didn’t look like I had a black hat on my head, so when you said the product is diluted down according to the skintone and hair colour, I felt confident about going ahead.

After my first session I showed my wife and she said “Wow, it looks like you have hair”, it was really positive , not like what have I done, it was really natural. I looked in every mirror in the house for the whole weekend!! Now the treatment is complete, I am looking forward to people’s reaction, when we go out with friends, I will go out without my hat on. It is exactly what I wanted – I am glad I did it and have no regrets. To all you bald guys out there, you have hope, it’s amazing!

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