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Smp Coventry

Jump to PhotosWhen I was 21 I noticed my hair was getting thin and was starting to recede, I started to use thickening hair shampoos – I tried shaving the sides to make the top look better but it got worse so in the end I just shaved it off.

I have lived with it like this until a year ago (I am now 38) and then I came across SMP a year ago when I found a video on YouTube and I started to follow people who had this treatment done & then I started to look around at different companies. At first I didn’t see it as a realistic option but then found someone in Miami and was about to book and travel there until my friend saw Sue Winter Clinic on FB. I looked at your page and at all the photos and thought it was exactly what I was looking for so I decided to go for a consultation. After the first session I felt 150% better, I felt like I was back in my 20’s again – I felt like I had hair again!!! I felt so happy as I didn’t feel like I had a procedure done, it just looked like I had hair. After the second apt, I was 200% happy, so glad I had it done, I just felt so confident, I looked younger and feel that women are now attracted to me as they no longer look at me as an old man – before I used to wear a hat all the time and just dreaded taking it off as I felt being bald made me look so much older than I really am so the best feeling is not having to wear a hat, no emergency beanie in the car!!

Now that the treatment is completed I am overwhelmed with the difference – I feel like a brand new person, how I should have felt when I was in my 20’s. This treatment has restored my self esteem and my confidence is soaring through the roof!

Sue’s premises are very professional and clean, she is very easy to work with and very patient with all of my little adjustments, we spoke in between appointments and she was always happy to answer questions, I can definitely recommend having this treatment done with Sue!

Customer Review

Just finished my last hair treatment with Sue, I got 10 times what I thought I would end up with, amazing service above and beyond, I had a full scalp treatment, the transformation is unbelievable, so much so I have thrown all my hats away!!! Feel like a new man many thanks Sue you have been brilliant all the way through beginning to end, changed my life perfect job my confidence has gone through the roof, many thanks Carl
- 2nd Nov, 2017

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