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Smp Milton Keynes

Jump to PhotosWhen I was young my hair was quite thick and wavy but at around the age of 23 I noticed that the front of my hair was starting to thin. My hairdresser advised me to keep it short and it was difficult to style to hide the balding so I started to use thickening fibres which were good at the beginning but then as it thinned even more, I used a product to add a bit of colour to the skin then in the end I just decided to shave it all off.

Around 2 years ago I stumbled across a video on YouTube showing SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation), I liked the look of it as it was non surgical but I didn’t follow it up as most were based in Harley St and I didn’t want that additional cost and travel. I then saw an advert come up on my FB page for Sue Winter Clinic for the same procedure. For the next few weeks I kept looking through all the photos and then decided I wanted to go ahead as it was local and I thought the work looked good.

After my first session with Sue I was very chuffed but a bit worried about how red my head was but that went down in 24 hours. At the second session it looked even better as there was a lot more density, I felt so much more confident in myself and now that it is finished, it has made a world of difference, I also now find that I am taking better care of my grooming routine and has made me feel so much younger. With regards to the procedure itself, I was slightly worried it would be very painful but apart from a few sensitive areas, it has been fine.

Customer Review

Just finished my third and last SMP session with Sue. It was a pleasure from start to finish. She made me feel at ease throughout and made sure I achieved the exact look I was hoping for. I was very nervous at first but it soon became apparent Sue was a true professional. Would not hesitate to recommend! Very chuffed!
- 2nd Dec, 2017

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